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Proper installation is vital for a cost effective fire sprinkler system. We believe that attention to detail benefits the installation process, as well as the overall longevity of the system. Proper installation saves lives, time, and money. With our experienced installation specialists you will have less maintenance cost, lowering your future expenditures. 


We offer the following Fire Suppression / Fire Sprinkler System Installation Services:

  • New Installations

  • Retrofitting

  • Modification

  • Upgrades

  • Light, Ordinary, or Extra Hazard Systems

  • Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Pumps

  • Standpipes

  • Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Pipe Fabrication

  • Standard Response or Quick Response Fire Sprinklers

  • Semi-Recessed, Recessed, or Concealed Fire Sprinklers

  • Soffit Pipe Concealment

  • Tamper Switches

  • Limited Warranty

CLEARLINE DESIGN, LLC -- "One Step Ahead of The Fire"
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