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Prompt recognition and maintenance of deficiencies decrease your overall cost in maintaining a fire sprinkler system. Waiting to repair a problem in your fire sprinkler system is dangerous and often creates an increasingly worse problem. This in turn increases your end cost. Inadequate maintenance of a fire sprinkler system will lead to its eventual failure. Leaks and/or a system that does not operate because it was impaired will cost far more than a repair. Our trained and experienced personnel can save your company lives, time, and money. Cost effective maintenance for our customer is our goal.


We offer the following Fire Suppression / Fire Sprinkler System

Maintenance Services:


  • 24 / 7 Emergency Service (365 days a year)

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Fire Sprinkler System Repairs

  • Fire Pump Repair

  • Tamper Switches

  • Backflow Preventer Repair

CLEARLINE DESIGN, LLC -- "One Step Ahead of The Fire"
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